The five overlapping phases of a significant change effort are:

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It is strongly recommended that your form a team for a significant change effort. This provides legitimacy for the effort and designates a focal point for the effort. The collective team membership should have the following representation:

  • Technical/Functional Experts: There should be subject matter experts included on the team.
  • People at “Ground Zero”: It is critical to include individuals who will be affected by the change so you can ensure a solution that will be grounded and practical.
  • Influencers: The most successful teams include members whose sole purpose is to inform and influence key stakeholders throughout all five phases of change.

As you navigate through the phases of change, keep in mind the major constituent groups who need to be informed and involved. Typically there are 5 major constituent groups:

  1. Leaders who sponsor the initiative, provide encouragement and support, influence other stakeholders, and soften barriers.
  2. Your Team, which orchestrates the change effort. These coaches also serve as guides to the leadership team so efforts at the senior level are as efficient as possible.
  3. Implementers of the changes who are responsible for executing the plan.
  4. Users of the resulting end-product or service who will find their roles changing as a result of this initiative.
  5. Customers of the resulting end-product or service who will presumably benefit from this change effort.