Tools Overview

There are 3 to 6 suggested tools for each phase of the change process. The tools are intended to allow people in the organization to more thoroughly explore each phase of the change process.

The specific tools included are:

Situation We See

Sponsor Questions – This is a list of useful questions to help the sponsor of the change articulate the framework for the initiative.

Includes / Does Not Include – A useful tool to delineate the boundaries of the initiative.

Critical Success Factors – Helps gain clarity on what success looks like.

Pushing / Pulling Matrix – Identifies the forces pushing for a change and those forces pulling or compelling change.

Key Stakeholder Analysis – Identifies key stakeholders, how they currently perceive the initiative, where they need to be in terms of support, and a plan to positively influence them.

Elevator Speech – Guide for summarizing your initiative into a short and powerful message.

Ideas We Build On

Customer Choice Template – Help in focusing on your customers and how you can best serve them.

Customer Perspective Exercise – Helps you decide up front on the impact you intend to have from the perspective of the customer.

More Of / Less Of – Identify the specific effect on those impacted by the initiative.

Any Time, Place, Way – Helps to creatively develop approached for delivering the outputs of your initiative in unique and breakthrough ways.

Decisions We Craft

Customer Needs Mapping – Tool for determining those parts of the initiative which will have the most impact on the customer. Also useful as a large group exercise to shift the mindset toward the perspective of the customer.

Process Mapping – Provides clarity on the flow of processes which currently exist and will exist in the future state.

Payoff Matrix – Helps determine the facets of the major initiative which will have the most impact with the least effort. Useful for staging the implementation.

Balanced Measurements Chart – Help in translating success factors into specific measurable outcomes so progress can be monitored and addressed during the implementation phase.

Plans We Develop

Key Constituents Chart – Help in gaining the perspective of key groups of people in regards to the initiative.

MultiGeneration Template – Guidance in developing a high level implementation plan which is staged so that results occur quickly and enhancements rapidly follow.

Communication Plan Template – Framework for staging communication associated with the initiative which accounts for timing, groups to communicate with as well as methods of communication.

Leadership Action Template – Guidance for leaders sponsoring the change in supporting and nurturing the change in ways that are respectful of effort and time.

Implementation We Support

Root Cause Analysis – Approach for quickly addressing anomalies during the implementation phase.

Team Assessment – Diagnostic for quickly addressing team behavior which is affecting the implementation of the initiative.

Time Picture Exercise – Creative way to assess shifts in work tasks which will have to occur as a result of the initiative.