Leadership Action Template

While a communication plan is essential, specific actions by the leaders in the organization are crucial to the success of virtually any significant change initiative. Without active involvement by the leaders, the organization will begin to question the importance and urgency of the effort.

A leadership action template is very useful to help leaders contemplate and ultimately agree on the actions they will personally take to support the initiative.



  1. Identify a specific leader whose actions are essential to the success of the initiative.
  2. For that specific leader, brainstorm specific actions the person can take which will be high impact. These will include one time actions as well as repetitive actions.
  3. Assess and adjust each of the brainstormed ideas to come up with a final list of actions.
  4. Place these actions in the template above.
  5. Repeat the previous 4 items until each of the key leaders has an action plan.
  6. Meet with each of the leaders and negotiate an agreed upon list of actions.