Customer Perspective

This is a great exercise to help decide how you want your customers to perceive you. The more focused you can be, the bigger the impact you can have with you customers.


  • Give each person three post-it notes or index cards
  • Have each person write one answer per card to the following question: “From the perspective of this initiative, what do we want to be known for by our customers once we are successful?”
  • Each person articulates his/her three answers to the rest of the team. As the person is describing the answers to the questions, he/she posts each card in a natural grouping on the wall. If it doesn’t fit in any of the existing groups, start a new group.
  • After all team members have finished presenting their answers to the question, discuss the results. If most of the cards fall into three or less natural groupings, this says the team is in general alignment on the purpose of the project. If there are several small groupings, this indicates the team needs to have further discussion on the focus of the project.

Note that if you try to focus on too many areas, you will fall into the trap of trying to “boil the ocean.”