Customer Choice Template

This is a simple tool that prompts you to think about your customers as it relates to this significant change initiative. It also helps you focus your initiative to the customer base you desire and the specific needs to be satisfied. It also begins to help you thing about ways to serve your customers differently.


  • Who do we want our customers to be? This question is intended for you to revisit who your customers are, which ones are the most important for the business and which ones we should consider not serving or serving in a more automated or less intensive way.
  • What do they want/need? Often we provide customers more than they want and less than they need. This is a way to revisit what they really need so you can be sure you provide it and to revisit what they want, but would be fine without.
  • Which of these needs should we meet? It is possible that we can not meet all of their needs without considerable cost or time – and perhaps can meet these needs some other way.
  • How can we meet these needs better than anyone else? This prompts you to consider other ways of meeting these needs which have not been considered before.