Communication Plan

Staging your communication so that constituents are provided with necessary information at the right time is key to the success of the initiative. While this web is one form of communication, there are numerous other communication levers you will want to use.

The basic questions you will want to answer are:

  1. What groups do you need to communicate with?
  2. For each group
    – What do you want as an outcome?
    – What do they know now?
    – What motivates them?
    – What are their fears? Hopes? Dreams?
    – What are the questions they will want answered?
    – What key messages/information do you want to exchange?
  3. What methods/forums within your organization are available and appropriate for delivering the messages?
  4. What should the timing be?

This is a facilitated exercise which generally takes a day to complete. It can then be placed in a standard project plan format.

Tips: Use large sticky notes as much as possible so that it is easy to move them when you get to the timing part (question 4 above).